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Repsole Technical Services are experts in data centre infrastructure. Whether it is a new build or adding to existing infrastructure we have the experience to plan, design and provide a reliable networking solution for you. Custom design means that any changes to your network allow for scalability, flexibility and ultimately provide you with operational efficiency.

For most companies, reliability is a word that is not to be taken lightly, where it is essential for IT infrastructure to perform and be as physically secure as possible. The financial consequences and negative impact on a brand from any loss of service is extremely damaging to that business.

 Our highly trained engineering staff ensure that your network matches your high performing, powerful data centre environment both now and in the future.


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Repsole Technical Services specialise in ensuring the performance of your fibre optic cabling infrastructure. Our knowledgeable fibre joining team carry out the installation, testing and maintenance of fibre optic systems using fusion splicing of single and multimode fibre optic cable. They have experience of blown fibre and FTTB installations and can read SL drawings.

 The quality of work done has won us contracts throughout the UK. We continually monitor industry standards and only use quality products that meet the required standard. We operate a strict health and safety policy recognising the importance of safety in the workplace both for our customers and employees.

Our joining services allow you to not only extend but also repair any fibres in the network seamlessly. Using Fujikura Fusion Splicers means that you benefit from rapid, professional, proficient and reliable splicing of fibre optics cabling.

Professional testing is a vital part of network installation. We ensure that all new and repaired cables are rigorously inspected to ensure correct operation. 

As part of our testing process, we provide you with soft copies of the documentation giving you accurate measurements on the network performance. This documentation clearly details your entire structure so that all information about your fibre optic network is easily accessible. 

We test each individual component’s integrity and assure a clean, direct path between all joints or devices – this makes sure that you network is functioning at its best ability in terms of speed and efficiency.

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However you want to communicate these days, all of the necessary technology solutions use cable. Data, video, internet and voice all require a high quality of infrastructure to deliver the highest of standards and Repsole Technical Services can be consistently relied upon to do just that.

At this stage we will work with you to identify your precise specifications and advise on how to get the best from your network. Our planners will devise a bespoke solution which will work for your business now but also have contingency built in for the future. It’s all about building a scalable network which consistently delivers an elevated level of service.

We have a solid reputation for delivering high functionality, professional results and are committed to the highest levels of attention to detail. During the installation period, we will keep any disruption to your workplace to a minimum and manage your project with the greatest of care.


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